Investment Portfolio Services


Tired of the stock market? Looking to diversify?  Whether you are a first-time investor hoping to find the right REO to start your portfolio, or a seasoned investor seeking to maximize your return, if you anticipate property in Marin, San Francisco or Sonoma County will continue to rise in value and are looking to build wealth, our team is here to help. 

We Can:
  • Show you ways to use your IRA accounts to invest  
  • Select property that will grow in value
  • Select property that will cashflow and produce a regular income
  • Select and manage great tenants
  • Deliver monthly property reports
  • Arrange maintenance, repairs, inspections and improvements
  • Help you make the most of property appreciation, depreciation, & tax benefits


You Are:

  • Never on call, never tethered to a desk or a phone
  • Not responsible for tenant's personal issues
  • Free to leave town at any time
  • Empowered to continue your investment strategy

Planning together,  we can help you realize a path to greater financial success and security.