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Why Foundation?

There are many reasons to choose Foundation Rentals Property Management to supervise your property.  Overseen by our Broker and actively managed by CCRM-certified Portfolio Manager and REALTOR Michael Kass, most of our business comes from referrals of present and past clients who are happy with our services and appreciate the hands-on management and attention to detail that our team provides to all our properties under contract. Homeowners and investors have chosen Foundation Rentals because we:


  • Handle the maintenance and emergency repairs any time of the day or night (24/7).
  • Enforce collection of rents and serve the appropriate notices to tenants who do not make timely payments or otherwise comply with their lease agreement.
  • Possess current, expert knowledge of landlord/tenant related federal, state, and local laws.
  • Know the local real estate market and anticipate its cyclical changes.
  • Have an extensive network of relationships with qualified service providers that offer us discounted rates that are passed along to client's to reduce expenses.
  • Are experts in financial accounting and record-keeping for real estate properties.
Best Marin Property Management



Full Service Property Management Program

This is the most comprehensive program available from Foundation Rentals and Relocation. The program is ideal for absentee or busy owners who want full property management services.  


The company's services begin with a complete evaluation of existing operations. The objective of this review is to prepare a current management plan, that includes customized operating and financial services. With a computerized maintenance system that allows us to continually track and update maintenance requests for your property, Foundation Rentals provides clients and tenants with quick response time and thorough follow-up on all maintenance needs. Likewise, Foundation Rentals is powered by a financial and accounting system that tracks all rental revenue and expenses associated with each property we manage, and provides owners with a user-friendly operating statement on a monthly basis.


We handle all issues for your property and provide proper documentation and reporting to you. In this program, the management team at Foundation Rentals:



Best Marin Property Management
  • Collects rents, late fees and bounced check fees
  • Delivers notices to tenants
  • Supervises maintenance and repairs
  • Pays real estate loans, taxes, insurance and other expenses
  • Provides each owner with monthly computerized property reports
  • Advertises and shows your vacant units*
  • Interviews and screens all prospective tenants*
  • Prepares a lease agreement that properly covers your property*
  • Oversees and assists resident manager (where applicable)



Cost of Program: Management fees range between 5 - 10% of gross monthly income collected, with a minimum of $300.00 per month per property. Minimum for multi-family properties with multiple units under management are priced differently; pls inquire. (*Leasing fees are exclusive of management fees.)


Additional customized services are available; please contact broker Christopher Barrow at (415) 637-8934 to discuss your management needs with Foundation Rentals and Relocation.  We offer complimentary consultations and are happy to schedule a visit.

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*Leasing fees are equal to 5% - 6% of the lease contract.