Referrals for Rentals Program

Clients uttering the dreaded R-E-N-T word?  How about we pay you 20% and you can save yourself the trouble and liability?


Don't Let Your Clients Down - Refer Your Rentals to the Best Team in Town!


Without proper training, rentals and self-property management are wrought with liability:  you don't want to find yourself and your client on the wrong side of a landlord/tenant dispute you procured.  Don't worry - our team is here to help.  We would love to list the rental and we love paying 20% referrals!  Just contact us and let us know how our professional rental team can be of service to you and your clients.  (Note: we only offer referrals for landlords, not for tenants.) 

We always offer referrals for listings and we NEVER sell your client's homes! 


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