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This rental market moves quickly.  So do we.   Put our team's experience to work for you!

Why Pay to Hire a Tenant Broker?
  • Better Property Access - A tenant broker is a professional real estate agent who helps prospective tenants locate suitable rental property here in Marin or San Francisco. A tenant broker is hired and compensated by the tenant; he or she is then able to use multiple resources to identify potential properties for you without worrying about whether a commission is offered on a property or not.  Sometimes leasing agents offer a commission to outside brokers, sometimes, especially in a hot rental market with off-market or "pocket" inventory, they do not.
  • Better Representation - The Marin and San Francisco rental markets are very competitive. You'll want to have a tenant broker looking out for you and representing your interests. Landlords typically hire brokers — called "leasing agents" — to fill vacancies, but in this case the agents work for the landlord, not for you. They earn a commission from the landlord each time they procure a qualified tenant to sign a lease. Tenant brokers can provide you with sound analysis of real estate market conditions, inform you about off-market property availability, and negotiate lease terms with a landlord or landlord's agent.
  • Better Application Positioning - When you hire a tenant broker, he or she works for you.  A tenant broker is able to give you objective advice, since their commission isn't directly tied to a particular property, letting you know if a property is over- or under-priced.  This information can make or break your approval. In addition, working with a broker lets a landlord know you're pre-qualified and seriously looking at leasing opportunities. This may make a landlord look more favorably upon your application, especially in a multiple-offer situation.

The best way to find a good tenant broker is to ask the right people. Get referrals from your peers or business associates, or just ask brokers about their experience. Look for a broker with a history of helping clients find properties and experience negotiating lease terms, who has access to off-market inventory, along with a proven track record of protecting tenants -  like the team at Foundation Homes International.

If you are ready to put our team to work for you and would like our undivided attention we offer several different levels of service you can choose between to take advantage of our specialized market knowledge.


The PocketList - $95

Gold Package - $995 

Platinum Package - $2,995




Gold and Platinum Relocation Packages include:

Available in Marin County only

Marin County is a fast-paced rental market; this year looks to be a remarkably competitive rental season. Whether you live locally or abroad, if you want to gain the competitive edge and full attention from Marin's best-networked leasing team, we can help.  Our services include:

  • Priority Service
  • One-on-One Market Consultation
  • Property Tours
  • Video or FaceTime Tours 
  • FREE access to The Pocket List for Off-Market Inventory Access
  • Application Pre-Qualification 
  • Lease Negotiation

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