Many of the top local real estate leaders already turn to us when it comes to property management, rentals, and market needs or advice: we have an extensive portfolio of high-end homes managed throughout the area and most of our business comes from referrals and word-of-mouth.  But here’s why you, too, should choose us:

Focus on Customer Service


The number one reason that clients come to us is for our unparalleled dedication to service: we are the next generation of high-touch property management agencies.  We retain and serve our clients by evaluating your unique goals and meeting or exceeding your expectations.  We work with properties on a one-on-one basis, versus putting you through what we call the "property management machine". We know that all properties are different (especially single family homes) and have their own unique set of requirements. Our ultimate goal is to protect the asset, as well as your bottom line. 


Specialized Single Family Home Management Services


We’re also micro-focused in what we do. Some property management companies handle everything: HOA's, different types of apartment buildings, lower-end properties, etc, or stretch their employees thin by taking on every listing that comes their way.  We focus on higher-end, single family homes in Marin and select properties in San Francisco and Sonoma.  We know the ins and outs of this unique segment of the market; we know what increases your profit, and what puts you at risk. Our founders have been providing distinct rental services in the local market since 2005 and we use this experience to position your property competitively, so you can get the best possible return for your distinct property.


Uncompromising Screening and Lease Standards


We keep our qualifying standards high (probably the highest in the area!) and we believe this explains why our eviction rate is less than one percent. Plenty of real estate agents or agencies offer leasing or property management, but if they don’t specialize in higher-end management, important details will get missed and – especially when it comes to screening and lease preparation - they can inadvertently cut corners that cost you money and liability.  We don’t. We have strict qualifications for national or international tenants who want to lease from us, and we employ a detailed two-point checking system to verify every piece of information required. Our lease is lengthy and detailed. We believe in uncompromising honesty and integrity in every single transaction that we make on behalf of our property owners, and we’re here to protect your asset every step of the way.