Some Rents Segments Up ~ Many Flat ~ What Trends Will the Roaring 20’s Bring for Marin Rentals?

(Plus a special announcement at the end of this newsletter!)

Last year, when we surveyed the market, we wrote to you that there might be a softening of the higher-end, long-term, single-family home rental (SFH) market during 2019, based on knowledge and our continuing private market survey.  What has occurred, while not entirely consistent across the board, is pretty much in line with our predictions.

Yet we’re happy to report the year 2019 was – once again – more rewarding than average for our clients.

Rental rates for properties that we rented were on average 2% percent higher and 16% faster than the average home listed on MLS. And we’re proud to report that Foundation Homes Property Management was responsible for four out of 13 of the highest rents achieved in the area during the year.

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