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Broker Christopher Barrow was asked for advice for this Redfin article. His advice? Your choice of landlord matters almost as much as your choice of rental!

“When signing a lease for your first rental (or for any subsequent rental for that matter), it’s important to recognize that your landlord – and his or her specific approach to managing the rental – will have a major impact on your time in that property.  The concern with DIY landlords (especially newbies) is that while almost all are well-meaning, many have a hard time separating emotion from business, and lack the bird’s eye view required to plan for long term concerns like capital improvement (which results in all sorts of tenant inconveniences like mildewed caulking, leaking roofs, or worse).  A rental managed by a reputable management company is best, as professional management companies are familiar with not only the laws (so they won’t ask you to comply with illegal terms), but also are familiar with best practices to help keep qualified tenants happy to stay long term.”

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What You Need to Know Before Signing Your First Lease 

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