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The report itself is not emailed and is not to be shared because that is private and sensitive information. The results of that email, meaning yes, you can tell them the score. Yes. You can say they were late. You can talk about it, but you do not email.

If you’re an agent acting on behalf of someone else or a property manager, you do not email. And if you’re a DIY landlord and your maybe sharing it, he thinking you’re going to email it to a partner or another decision maker. Don’t do that because you are just opening yourself wide up for liability, because that is not an encrypted email, unless you do have an encrypted email system or something like that, you can not just be emailing these apps, these credit reports, Willy nilly, Back and forth.

I even take it a step further when a tenant requests, their credit report, I just contacted Mark’s team. And I said, Hey, Mark XYZ. 10 is looking to get a copy of their credit report. It takes me out of it. I know there’s no more liability and you send it to them and they get their credit report.