For the self-managing or DIY landlord, you never know when you’ll need a hand with your rental.  Do you want your rental emergencies handled like a pro? Do you want to avoid costly emergency mistakes?


When it comes to protecting your investment property (and fulfilling your continuing legal obligation to provide habitable premises in California per [Civil Code Secs. 1929, 1941]* ), we have a new solution for you!

From fixing the heat in the middle of winter break, to cleaning up a midnight flood on the lower floor, with our “Professional Protection Package”, you have options for the emergency help you need as a landlord.  With our toll-free Emergency Maintenance Hotline, your tenants can request help right away, on demand and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For just $69.95/month per property, Manage Magic will:

·      Provide Freedom from Emergency Maintenance Calls

·      Perform 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Coordination

·      Triage All Calls

·      Provide Detailed Troubleshooting for Tenants

·      Dispatch Qualified, Insured Emergency Vendors from Our Network

·      Work with Home Warranties

·      Provide Tenant Follow Up Until Complete

·      Provide Detailed Follow-Up Report to Landlord

·      Route Non-Emergency Calls Back to Landlord (via Email)


Covered Events:

·       Fire (or potential threat thereof)

·       Free flowing water that cannot be stopped

·       Sewer backup

·       No heat in the winter

·       No AC during 90+ degree temperatures

·       No hot water

·       Not having at least one useable toilet in the house

·       Significant water intrusion causing damage to Property

·       Mold, lead or asbestos claim from Tenant(s) requiring immediate action to protect Habitability

·       Immediate or suspected urgent threat to Habitability of Property


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Multi-unit discounts available; please inquire.

*In California a landlord is required to provide a safe living environment for the tenants and the law has been established under the California Civil Code. The failure of a landlord to provide such conditions can lead to violation of the law and impose civil and, at times, even criminal liability upon the landlord.