Welcome rain finally arrived in the Bay Area, putting the roofs of all your rentals to the test. We’re happy to report – thanks in no small part to our preventative maintenance plan including annual gutter cleaning – most properties have performed beautifully.

Our busiest time of year is approaching: RENEWAL/INSPECTION  season!  Be prepared to hear from your Property Advisor about 60 days before your lease is up to discuss your plans: renew, revise, move-in or sell.

—->If you are considering selling, the sales market is H-O-T in most categories.  While covid restrictions create some complications, if you would like to schedule a time to discuss your plans with Christopher, email hello@foundationhomes.com and we’ll get you on the calendar.

Recent (and ongoing!) legislative changes are underway for landlords with tenants claiming covid-hardship.  If recent legislation affects your non-paying tenancy, you will hear from your Property Advisor shortly.

Management Update:  Be prepared to hear from your Property Advisor about 60 days before your lease is up to discuss your plans: renew, revise, move-in or sell.

Community Support Update/Opportunity:  We’re annual sponsors of the Marin Foster Care Association’s “Dance-a-Thon” raising funds for foster children in Marin. Planning starts in February; please get in touch if you would like to be involved or join our virtual dance/fundraising team, The Foundation Homes Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies!

Opportunity Alert:  Here are our current listed sales and investment opportunities:

COMING SOON – a cute 4bd in Mill Valley with flat yard, on a double lot. Crazy great opportunity priced around $1.3mm.   Ask if you’d like more info!

— SOLD! 3BD remodeled condo in Greenbrae with verifiable rental history.

-SOLD!:  a 2BD luxury townhome in DeSilva Island with a verifiable rental history www.66DeSilva.com

— SOLD! 4-5BD luxury fixer in Strawberry with views: plans & permits ready to rock! 129 Great Circle

–SOLD!  A great investment 1bd condo  in San Rafael!  Sold at $485k

We also have a few potential off-market 3 & 4 homes available, already tenant occupied.  Interested in learning more?  Email: Hello@Foundationhomes.com for the investment and opportunity break down.

In the News:  Be on the lookout for our 2020 Annual Rental Round Up, coming this month with some pretty interesting trends!

Darcy is assuming her role as President of Southern Marin Mothers’ Club, leading 700+ families in Marin.  Congrats Darcy!

Regulatory Update:   Many legislative changes happening in 2021.  As your PM company, we’ve kept you compliant.   As your management company we will keep you in compliance for the new requirements, come as they may.    As a landlord, follow the headlines and voice your opinion!

MVP Club Update:   If you’re a client and are not receiving your MVP Client Appreciation Club email on the 1st of each month, let us know.

—->We’re here for you – and taking action during a time of uncertainty and legislative change is literally what you pay us for.
Be Safe.  Be Well.
Christopher & Darcy