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You will be obligated to provide, to the applicant, why they’re being denied. Now there’s different kinds of denial letters. There’s a blanket denial letter. Let’s just say you chose somebody else. You can basically say “we chose someone else, thank you for applying.”

It could be based on their credit score or background check, or it could be for any specific reason that you can choose off of a denial letter. So there’s two different denial letters. That was one with no reasons necessarily in one, we check off the reason you need to send that to them. Either by mail, actually drop it in the mail. You have to include a consumer copy of their report. So basically you’re sending them a consumer copy and a denial.

I’ve found that in our case with you, since we don’t show the count numbers or the social or the date of birth, when we run a credit point, they’ve ex-ed out the last digits and that’s okay. As long as you’re not sending the full information on the person’s personal data.