At the annual CALNARPM conference in Napa Valley, we have had the pleasure of hearing from a lot of great speakers and experts who have assisted us in learning how to be better property managers. This benefits you, our clients. Today, we’re discussing what you want to do after your Marin lease is signed.

Introducing Tenants and Owners

As soon as a lease is signed, I send out an introductory letter to both the tenant and the owner. This is an excellent opportunity to exchange contact information and provide information to the tenant on important things, such as how to turn on the utilities.

Contact Between Owners and Tenants

I want the owners I am working with to make contact with the tenants. I encourage them to send a follow up email and if possible, schedule a face to face meeting if they have not met already. At that point, they can go through the property together and the owner can talk to the tenants about the different systems in the home. Today, almost everything is digitized, so it’s a great time to share information about pool systems, security systems, internet features, and other things.

Conducting a Walk Through

In our leases, we outline that tenants and owners should do a walk-through of the property within the first 10 days of occupancy. It’s a better idea to do that before the tenants even move in. You want to make sure the inspection is conducted after the paint has been touched up, the property has been cleaned, and everything is ready to go. Performing that walk through will allow you to benchmark the condition of the house so you have a firm foundation for how the place looks at the time of move in. After your lease is signed, contact the tenant and make sure the property is ready to be occupied. If you have any questions about Marin property management or you need any help with this, please contact us at Foundation Rentals.