Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Something smells DELICIOUS!!

We are officially knocking on the door of the Holiday Season. Or as I would like to call it, the Six week Countdown till the end of all holiday songs and jingles (Bah-Hum-Bug).

Even though I will be stomping through the house wearing earplugs, I am still watching the market.

We are seeing the typical slow down for this time of year- The advice I give at this time of the year is to expect units to take longer to rent moderate price reductions and lease start dates to occur after the first of the year.


Work to get a lease that ends in the Spring of 2023 (13-16 mo) so you can take advantage of a positive rental market- which means you can hedge against downturns, minimize vacancies and continue to raise your rents.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving- Enjoy your time, food and stay safe-

If you aren’t the above applies and you need to go high five a turkey!