Here we are Marin Landlords , right in the flow of the Fall /Winter season. As you may remember last week’s rented properties were down to only 1.

Literally the storm is brewing!! With an atmospheric river set to land in the upcoming days, this is your time to make sure you are prepared and have a game plan for water intrusion prevention.

Break out those Sump Pumps
Go Get those Sand Bags


Make sure you go out to your property to check on it. Vacant properties suffer the most.

Our management team sent out a long letter to all of our tenants this AM outlining preventative steps they can take to preserve the rentals and their belongings.

Torrential Rain is the BEST time for a LANDLORD to SHINE… Our management clients are getting the opportunity to take advantage of our vendor network to ease their calls and stress…

Professional Property Management is the best way to Run your rental like a business. Call our office today to learn more.

Be Well- Stay Dry!

-The Foundation Team