No properties rented last week, but that doesn’t mean the market has stopped. There are still prospective tenants looking and next year’s landlord’s planning for the Spring market.

We experienced the most rain Marin has had in years- An atmospheric river that ranked 5 out 5 continues to pour down on a drenched Marin. Our property management team will be checking on vacant properties over the next 48 hrs to make sure they weathered the storm. If you’re in the area, I would recommend you local owners go by your rentals and inspect for leaks and flooding- Make sure those sump pumps are working.

Our team was fielding emergencies from flooding garages to downed trees and looking for sandbags most of Sunday between downed power lines and blackouts- A perfect example of how important it is to have a property management for your rental property!

As the rain wanes remember its never too late to winterize your home- Get on a program NOW.