Dear Client,

Spring has sprung: Rentals remain in demand, and the sales market remains H-O-T.

We have multiple tenants purchasing the rental they live in right now, as well as other off market deals we are helping oversee.  There are many potential benefits of selling direct to your tenant, including avoiding vacancy/carry cost, staging cost and market prep cost…not to mention lower agency fees when you sell to your tenant through us.

—>If you are considering selling and would like to schedule a time to discuss your plans with Christopher, schedule a quick 15-min strategy check in HERE:

May is National Foster Care Month.  Did you know there are 100 +/- Marin children in foster care?  Will you help our team support these children who have been removed from their homes?  Here’s our dance video to help raise awareness!!!

Here’s the link to donate:

RENEWAL/INSPECTION  season is also here, and is one of the key areas our PM team provides annual value to you as an investor.  Be prepared to hear from your Property Advisor about 60 days before your lease is up to discuss your plans: renew, revise, move-in or sell.

Below please our normal monthly updates, as well as any changes to CV-19 specific company policies and updates.

—->We’re here for you – and taking action during a time of uncertainty and legislative change is literally what you pay us for.

Be Safe.  Be Well.

Christopher & Darcy Alkus Barrow
Foundation Homes Property Management