At the CALNARPM conference in Napa Valley, we are learning a lot about property management and enhancing our education around property management. We do this for our clients so we can be better prepared to talk about topics like today’s: should you include landscaping and pool maintenance as part of your rental rate and your lease agreement? Many landlords wonder what should be included and how much should be charged. We absolutely recommend that you include these things in your lease and your price. Let’s talk about why.

Landscaping: Saving Money and Preserving Property

You spent a lot of money on your landscaping, and you don’t want to leave its care and upkeep in the hands of your tenant. You’ll only end up disappointed, because your tenants won’t take care of it the way you want them to. There’s a good possibility you’ll end up with dead grass or overgrown trees, and it will ultimately cost you more money to repair it after your tenant moves out. Having a gardener come once or twice a month to clean up and maintain your landscaping will be worth it in the long term. Your property will look better and be easier to rent in the future.

Pool Care: Protecting Tenants and Property

Just like with the landscaping, it is best that you have a regular pool service provide maintenance. Pools can be temperamental. You want to have your chemicals at the right level, otherwise the water will get murky or you’ll run the risk of having your tenants receive chemical burns because there are too many chemicals in the water. You don’t want green water in your pool and you don’t want your tenants or their guests to get sick. For about $100 or $150 a month, you can mitigate that risk and preserve the condition of your pool. We recommend that you always include pool maintenance as well as landscaping for the preservation of your property and your own peace of mind. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at Foundation Rentals.