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How to Apply

Foundation Homes Application Process

To qualify, you must:

1. Pass a credit check (score of 700* or above)
2. Pass an eviction check
3. Prove 3x monthly rent in gross, legal and verifiable household income* 
4. Prove positive rental or mortgage history
5. Complete a Pet Profile for each pet via

(*voucher holders see below)

Following please find the Foundation Homes rental guidelines and conditions for application submission. We strive to offer a clear and understandable rental application process. We comply with all Fair Housing standards. All verifiable sources of income will be considered. Pursuant to Cal. Govt. Code §12955(o), for applicants with rental vouchers or subsidies, the income threshold will be calculated based on the amount of rent that will be paid by the tenant (not the entire rent amount). Please review the rental policies and instructions for submission below. We invite you to submit your application if you believe you meet the qualifying conditions. Complete applications and offers to lease are presented to the owner as we receive them.

ANIMAL POLICY: A pet may be considered on a case-by-case basis by individual property owner for qualified applicant(s) unless otherwise noted. Assistive animals are always permitted and are approved with legal documentation. Individual terms may vary based on property owner; please inquire if you have questions.

Please note time is of the essence when applying to lease a property.

Properties will remain on the market during the application process and until the lease documents are fully executed and complete move-in funds received. We do not accept holding deposits.

To apply, please follow these instructions:

  • Please submit one complete and signed application per adult, regardless of relationship or income.
  • Please submit $55.00. Processing Fee per adult.
  • Please submit income verification to our office. Additional Info: Policy information: Income Verification Chart
  • Please be prepared to provide ID.
  • Please be prepared to complete a Pet Profile via for each pet (as applicable).The pet application fee is $0 for assistance animal accommodation requests.

Click HERE to Begin Application Process


OR keep reading for more in-depth information on our Application Policies.

We encourage and support a program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, National Origin, or Sexual Orientation. Our application and screening process fully comply with all federal, state and local laws including but not limited to Fair Housing and ADA, we always comply with the most recent applicable legislation and laws.

Foundation Homes Property Management acts as the agent for the property owner(s) in the leasing and management of residential properties. As such, we represent the interests of the property owner(s) in all transactions related to leasing and managing residential properties.

Please note our HARASSMENT POLICY: 

  1. Harassment of staff or any attempt to contact the property owner directly result in immediate and automatic denial
  2. Harassment of staff includes but is not limited to actions taken verbally, by text, email, in person, or any other method that are:
    1. Threats, whether physical, legal, or otherwise
    2. Repeated demands for status updates when a specific response timeframe has already been provided and has not passed
    3. Expressing in a hostile manner that Foundation Homes Property Management or the property owner will be making a mistake if you are not approved
    4. Making demands in an attempt to force Foundation Homes Property Management to approve you
    5. Insulting staff, or swearing directed towards staff personally
    6. Any other actions deemed harassment at the discretion of Foundation Homes Property Management 
All Communications may be monitored and/or recorded for quality assurance, and recordings (if available) will be consulted in making any determination to revoke a previous approval.


You may submit the application and payment on-line on our website or you can make an appointment to submit in person at our Kentfield office located at 925 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Suite A.  Please call 415-507-9600 with any questions or submit your application question HERE:

Proof of identity is required. A Government issued photo I.D. must be presented when signing the lease. For international applicants, a color copy of each passport must be submit.

Processing Fees
We require a $55.00 Processing Fee per adult. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check (payable to Foundation Homes), or credit card via online application. If an application fee is received but the application is not processed, the fee will be refunded.

The Processing Fee pays for the following cost incurred by Foundation Homes Property Management:

  • Cost of credit report, unlawful detainer (eviction) search, and/or other screening reports from our provider – $35.00
  • Cost to obtain, process and verify screening information (may include staff time and other soft costs) – $20.00++
  • Minimum Cost to Foundation Homes Property Management $55.00+
  • Paid Third Party Verifications, such as the Work Number, are the applicant’s financial responsibility and are not covered in the $55.00 screening fee.

Application fees are non-refundable after an application has been screened.

Credit Criteria
Foundation Homes will pull a credit report for each individual applicant 18 years of age or older. A credit report supplied by any other source will not be accepted. To qualify per our published standards all applicants need a credit score of 700* or above from our credit report provider.

Medical delinquencies, or a low or no credit score due exclusively to lack of credit lines, may be conditionally approved if all other screening criteria is met and there are no other delinquencies on the credit report.

Applicants are entitled to a copy of their credit report and may pick up from our office or credit provider with a request submit in writing. Government issued ID required.

*Per Civil Code § 1950.5, effective January 1st, 2024 voucher holders are exempt from credit scoring requirements.  In instances where there is a verified government rent subsidy, the applicant has the option, at the applicant’s discretion, of providing lawful, verifiable alternative evidence of reasonable ability to pay the portion of the rent to be paid by the applicant, including, but not limited to, government benefit payments, pay records, and bank statements.

Every adult 18 years of age or older applying to live at the property must complete and sign (either physically or electronically if applicant elects to apply online) an individual application. This is required regardless of marital status, relationship, or income. There will be no exceptions.

We do not accept applications for properties “sight unseen”.  Applicants or a designated representative must personally view the property (including the interior) for the application to be considered complete, and must agree to accept the property in as-is condition or submit any requests for modification at the time of application. No consideration will be given to cosmetic concerns raised after submission of an application.  

Any misrepresentations in this application will be grounds for immediate denial of the application and/or termination of any lease agreement entered into as a result of this application.

Applications will not be considered with incomplete information. A $55.00 per person non-refundable Processing Fee must be submit with all applications, including – if applicable – any application for a guarantor.

If a guarantor is requested, he/she must also submit, sign and pass a complete application. Additionally, the guarantor must reside in state in California, and have a verifiable gross income of 4 times the monthly rent.  The acceptance of a guarantor is subject to individual Owner approval or denial.

An incomplete application will not be considered.

Applications submit without the full application fee will not be considered.

Lease Signing
Upon acceptance, please expect to sign a lease and deliver complete move-in funds within 24 business hours . Foundation Homes will continue to show the property and present any other rental offers that may be submit until the lease documents are fully executed and complete move-in funds received.

All move in funds are to be paid in the form of a cashier’s check, wire transfer or money order, payable to Foundation Homes Broker Trust. Personal checks are not acceptable.

ALL move-in funds (first month’s rent and security deposit) are required at lease signing. The property will not be taken off the market until all funds are received and the Landlord has signed and accepted the lease.

Applications to lease will be evaluated as follows:


Credit Criteria

Foundation Homes will pull a credit report for each individual applicant 18 years of age or older. A credit report supplied by any other source will not be accepted. To meet our suggested qualifying criteria applicants should have a credit score of 700* or above.

*Voucher Holders see above.

Applicants are entitled to a copy of their credit report and may pick up from our office or credit provider with a request submit in writing. Government issued ID required.

Income Criteria

An applicant’s total gross household monthly income must be at least three times the monthly rent. All verifiable sources of income will be considered. Pursuant to Cal. Govt. Code §12955(o), for applicants with rental vouchers or subsidies, the income threshold will be calculated based on the amount of rent that will be paid by the tenant (not the entire rent amount).

Following are acceptable forms of income verification :

Employed applicants must submit the two most recent and consecutive paystubs.

Applicants relocating for a new job must submit the signed and verifiable offer letter stating start date and salary.

Self-employed applicants or applicants who receive income in a form other than traditional employment or self-employment must provide the most recent tax return along with six months bank statements. Name and account number must be printed on the statements. Additional documentation may be required.

Applicants with rental vouchers or subsidies should submit sufficient, verifiable supporting documentation to confirm the voucher and/or subsidy.

CONDITIONAL APPROVAL: Alternately an applicant may submit a verifiable bank or other account showing a balance at least three times the entire lease term for conditional approval by property owner.  Name and account number must be printed on the statements, and account balance must be verifiable through an unrelated 3rd party.  If such qualification is presented without active qualifying income, the property owner may choose to conditionally accept with certain conditions, such as requiring some or all of the lease term to be paid upfront, and/or requiring annual financial verification.

Please review our visual aide: FH Income Verification Chart.pdf  if you have any questions abut how to qualify. 

Foundation Homes will verify all income. Income that cannot be verified will not be considered.

Reference Criteria

Two positive, consecutive previous rental references are required on your application, for a minimum of five years most recent rental history.  If non-applicable, proof of homeownership and/or positive mortgage history is required. Foundation Homes will also perform an Eviction Check. Failure to disclose, hide, or otherwise falsify a previous rental reference will result in an automatic application denial. If you owe money to a previous landlord or have been evicted, your application will be denied.

If you feel you meet the above requirements we welcome your application!

If you would like to apply on-line follow this link below to begin the application process. A complete application is required: if a field does not apply to you, please type “N/A”. Don’t hesitate to call any of our agents if you have any questions: (415) 507-9600.

Click Here to Begin Application Process

Office: 415-507-9600  | 925 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Suite A, Kentfield, CA 94904

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