Marin has been hammered this winter with a lot of rain, and we’ve seen quite a bit of water intrusion into homes. This has become the norm. So, today we’re talking about water intrusion and remediation with emergency mitigation services. We want you to understand the mechanics of how to deal with it.

Emergency Mitigation Services

First, call your Emergency Mitigation Services (EMS) company. They will come in and assess the damage to your property. Then, they will start to set up drying equipment, air movers, and dehumidifiers. That will set you up for demolition and the removal of any mold growth. It’s critical to start the drying process immediately so you can reduce the possibility of mold.

Lead Paint and Asbestos Testing

Due to the age of most structures in Marin, there is an obligation to test for lead paint and asbestos. If the home was built prior to 1981, the testing is required. So, your remediation team will have to stop any demo work. They can’t pull drywall or sheetrock even to see what is there – they have to test it. If the test comes back positive, you need to hire a certified abatement company. Most of the mold remediation companies are not certified for those hazardous conditions. If the test comes back negative, great. You move forward with the mold remediation company that’s already in place. You’ll remove the drywall, do a mold sanitization, and allow everything to dry out and then hire a contractor or carpenter to do the build back.

Choosing Contractors

We cannot stress enough the importance of using licensed, certified technicians for these specific mechanical protocols of the abatement process. If you don’t know where to turn, a company providing property management in Marin can help. All of these precautions are specifically designed to mitigate and reduce your liability.

If you have any questions about water problems or anything pertaining to Marin property management, please contact us at Foundation Rentals and Relocation.