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We’re very big on the 700 minimum in our company. We’re very strict with our standards, with our brick and mortar property management company and the way we coach and The Landlord Code. If the applicant is insisting that their score is different in one of the different agencies, if the application otherwise makes sense, it might be worth looking at and seeing if you can get a poll from one of the other agencies to verify if that’s true. If it’s not, or if they’re using one of these self supplied reports, which we definitely do not encourage, it can be confusing and it does create confusion in the market.

If you’re a DIY landlord trying to do this yourself, and the tenant is super adamant about the fact that they’ve paid off a certain debt,  then you can put it back on them and say, “Hey, contact visa, contact who, whatever that creditor is and ask them to provide you with a letter of payoff.” And that would help their cause as well it also provides you with some more information, but I think that having them go the extra mile, if they really want a property is probably better for you than you going out to run another credit report to verify what they’re telling you.