Why you Should Consider Performing an Annual Inspection in Marin
Mar 22, 2019

We strongly recommend that you perform annual inspections at your occupied rental property, and there are a few important rea...

What is Expected of a Marin Owner When a Tenant Moves In?
Mar 11, 2019

Part of the professional property management services we offer at Foundation Homes International is turnover service. It’s ...

Inspection Tips During a Marin Rental Property Walk Through
Feb 23, 2019

Walk-through inspections are an important part of renting out an investment home, and you should make a point of doing them c...

Attentive Service

The oldest management company in town isn't always the right one: the number one reason clients come to Foundation Homes is our personalized service. We are the next generation

Luxury Focused

We’re micro-focused in what we do: luxury properties. Some property management companies handle everything: HOA's, different types of apartment buildings, lower-end properties, etc, or

Uncompromised Screening

We began as a luxury "leasing only" agency, and as such developed exceptionally high qualifying screening standards - probably the highest in the area. As we moved into luxury property management,

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