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Tenant Damage vs. Normal Wear and Tear on Your Marin Rental Property

Jul 25, 2017

There is often a gray area when it comes to normal wear and tear versus excessive wear and tear. Today, we’re talking about...

Should I Get a Home Warranty for My Marin Rental Property? Marin Landlord Advice

Jul 21, 2017

Many investors wonder whether it’s worth it to get a home warranty for a rental property. There are pros and cons to home w...

Should I Include Gardening or Pool Service Into My Rental Rate? Marin Property Management Advice

Jun 27, 2017

At the CALNARPM conference in Napa Valley, we are learning a lot about property management and enhancing our education around...

Important Next Steps After Signing Your Marin Leasing Agreement

Jun 21, 2017

At the annual CALNARPM conference in Napa Valley, we have had the pleasure of hearing from a lot of great speakers and expert...

How Much Rent Can I Charge for My Marin Rental Property?

Jun 14, 2017

When you are determining how much rent to charge for your property, you need to understand how much your Marin County propert...

Top Insurance Mistakes Landlords Make in Marin County

Jun 6, 2017

At the annual California NARPM conference, we were fortunate to talk with Curt Bulloch from Bulloch Insurance Brokers. There ...

What is the Cost for Marin County Property Management Services?

May 31, 2017

There are always questions about the costs of professional property management, but you also have to remember that there are ...

Water Intrusion and Emergency Mitigation Services Tips for Marin Rental Owners

Mar 1, 2017

Marin has been hammered this winter with a lot of rain, and we’ve seen quite a bit of water intrusion into homes. This has ...

Preventative Maintenance Tips Every Marin Owner Should Know to Protect Your Rental Property

Feb 23, 2017

There are a number of preventative maintenance measures you can take to protect your rental home when you have tenants in pl...